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Energy Saving Transformers & LT Panels

Electricity Saving Transformers : 

Electrical contractors, project managers, and business owners seeking to install a transformer for a new project or replace an old one would greatly benefit if they contact us first. Because we now offer – for the very first time in India-Electricity Saving Transformers! We are pioneers in manufacturing ZigZag winding based energy saving transformers.. 

Get a brand new transformer that meets all government specifications and our exclusive energy saving device incorporated within. It’s a tested and proven product that can help you recover the initial cost of the transformer within short time frame of operation. In fact, so sure are we of the product’s energy saving capabilities that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t witness a 10% saving in your electricity bills every month.

Energy Saving Transformer
Energy Saving Transformer Range
Patented Technology

During the use of electric equipments or appliances, the energy wasting factors like unbalance, harmonics, excess voltage and reactive power occur and lead to electric losses with rise in power consumption, low efficiency and higher maintenance costs by shortening the life span of many electrical equipments. 

An alternating current takes the form of sine wave, but as there is more increase in harmonics and unbalance, the basic waveform turns a distorted wave, increasing resistance. Such an increase in the resistance results in a natural increase in the current.In this case, to produce the same power output, the load required the more current consumption depending on the increase in resistance. As a result, the more frequent occurrence of harmonics and unbalance causes in increase in resistance, which in turn increases current consumption and unnecessary power consumption.


Our Electricity Saving Transformers are designed to reduce power consumption and increase equipment efficiency by eliminating the power quality problems of unbalance, harmonics and excess voltage using the zigzag winding technology. This technology is acknowledged by IEEE. Check the article about the benefits of Energy Saving Transformer.   


Electricity Saving LT Panel  :

Users who have recently installed a normal transformer or do not wish to replace their existing transformer can save electricity by opting for Multifunction Electricity Saving Panel.

Electricity Saving Panel
Electricity Saving Panel-Single Phase & Three Phase

Electricity Saving Panel is a highly advanced and sophisticated coil based power voltage optimizer that is installed at incoming electricity supply. It uses the patented ZigZag winding technology to control voltage and suppress the load harmonics on lighting and mixed load. The Electricity Saver Panel constantly monitors load connected to all equipment, calculates exact amount of power required at any time, and reduces the consumption of kWh. We guarantee minimum 10% reduction in electrical unit consumption per month. 

We are so sure of our technical abilities which enables us to get into an agreement that if the guaranteed minimum saving is not achieved then we will refund the whole amount paid & will uninstall our unit. We highly recommend these Energy Savers for 5 Star Hotels, Hospitals, Rolling Mills, Textile Industries etc.

Key Benefits : 
  • Money Back guarantee for minimum 10% energy saving.
  • Faster return of investment.
  • Increases Life of Equipments by 200%.
  • Reduction in Maximum Demand.
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost.
  • Absolutely Maintenance Free.
  • Elegant, Compact, Easy to Connect, Operate & Service.
  • Digital Energy Meter to Measure Energy.
  • Reduces Global Warming.
  • Minimum Life Span of 20 Years.
  • 80% depreciation benefit in 1st year of installation as per Indian Tax rules at present(subject to change basis prevailing Act & Rules of the corresponding geography where the equipment is installed).
Applications  : 
  • Commercial Building and Complexes.
  • Service Industry – Hotels, Hospitals, BPO, Petrol Pumps.
  • Public Utilities – Auditoriums, Stadiums, Educational Institutions.
  • Campus lighting in large industrial and commercial establishments.
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