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Static Voltage Stabilizer

Static Voltage Stabilizer or Static Voltage Regulator, as the name implies is a type of voltage stabilizer that does not use any mechanical motors or moving parts such as carbon arms and brushes for voltage correction. Static Stabilizer has a solid state arrangement that consists of high frequency IGBT units and Pulse Width Modulation control which provides super smooth and highly stable output voltage even under severe erratic voltage conditions.  Its operation is completely noiseless and is absolutely maintenance free as no moving parts are used for voltage correction.

Because of its high precision, super quick regulation and inbuilt circuit protections, Static Voltage Stabilizer is by far the best voltage stabilizer that can be used for industrial applications with tools viz CNC machines, VMC machines, PLC controlled machines, Injection moulding machine(injection press), Elevators/lifts, Medical instruments , Analytical instruments, Calibrations machines etc. Static Stabilizer can also be used as main line stabilizer in homes for comprehensive protection of expensive and sensitive appliances.

NKB Technocrats Pvt Ltd is one of the few highly trustworthy Static Voltage Stabilizer manufacturers in India. Our systems are trusted by several national and international conglomerates. We enjoy an honorable reputation among our domestic and industrial customers owing to our impeccable product quality, ethical business standards and a team of members which is supremely dedicated towards delivering exceptional customer experience.

Buy IGBT Static Voltage Stabilizer at best price in India with 100% money back guarantee.

Static Voltage Stabilizer

Working Principle

In an IGBT based static voltage stabilizer the voltage regulation process is commanded and executed by a feedback control system using digital signal processor (DSP).

The input voltage is sensed by the DSP and corrections are made by varying the duty cycle of Pulse Width Modulation(PWM). The required voltage is boosted or bucked @4000V/sec from the mains through high frequency IGBT units which operate at 20 KHz frequency. This gives the Static Voltage Stabilizer super fast correction speed and extremely precise regulation which is impossible to obtain using conventional relay type and servo voltage stabilizers. 

Because the voltage regulation is done electronically without any step changing, static stabilizer is absolutely silent even during severe voltage fluctuations and delivers pure sinewave output.

Check out the study about static voltage stabilizer in a paper published by IJIRSET(An ISO 3297: 2007 Certified Organization).

Block Diagram-Static Voltage Stabilizer
Block Diagram of Static Voltage Stabilizer

Benefits of Static Voltage Stabilizer

  • Super quick response time of 50 microseconds
  • Fast regulation speed of 4000 volt/sec
  • Continuous supply of highly stable output voltage
  • Independent phase correction and capable to handle unbalanced 3-phase input without any trouble
  • Built in protections against: over / under voltage, phase reversal, single phasing, over load, over temperature & short circuit
  • Zero maintenance cost because of no mechanical or moving parts.
  • Completely noiseless operation
  • Lowest foot print (less space needed)
  • Compatible for all kinds of loads
  • >99.8% efficiency
  • Greatly improves power quality and reduces electricity consumption at site of installation
  • Highly effective for sensitive load equipment having high speed solid-state devices and drives


Static Stabilizer Vs Servo Stabilizer

Static Voltage Stabilizer Vs Servo Stabilizer

Learn more about working of different types of voltage stabilizers from our blog.

What Makes Us The Best?

    • Our systems are 100% load efficient unlike 80% load efficient systems available elsewhere
    • Rather than aluminium, our systems are housed with pure copper buck boost transformers which are not only more reliable but also have significantly less losses and also improves power factor & reduces electricity consumption at site
    • Our systems are equipped with EMI & RFI filters that helps reduce the line harmonics hence improving power quality
    • We use active clamped switching and desaturation protection for IGBT units thus greatly reducing chances of failure
    • We use positive & negative drive enabled IGBT units to handle back EMF
    • Our control cards are equipped with latest dspIC microcontroller
    • Instead of relays, we use contactors at input & output for better protection and long life
NKB Technocrats Testimonials 1
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar
07:49 02 Jun 23
I purchased a 5KVA SVS from NKBT in April this year to protect our home theater system from voltage fluctuations that we’re used to facing especially during summers. So far I’ve been very happy with the product. We’ve already seen a couple of severe voltage drops last month and yet all of my electronic devices were safe. The best part is that, once the SVS is installed and switched on, it’ll silently work in the background so you can completely forget about voltage surges/spikes.A special mention goes to Mr. Manan, the owner of NKBT, a very genuine and a humble person. He made sure that the product was delivered in time and that the product is installed the right way; to that end, he even spoke to our electrician a couple of times. He then called me a week after instalation just to check if the system is functioning as it should. Its very rare these days to get a call for feedback once the product is sold. :)I would highly recommend NKBT & Manan to anyone who’s in the market for a Static Voltage Stabilizer.
Aliraza somji
Aliraza somji
22:09 06 May 23
We purchased a 7.5kva & 10KVA static stabilizer from NKB due to our frequent low/over voltage problems in Africa.. personally very happy with the design and response time of the equip to correct the under or over voltage. Its perfect and have been using it for 2months flawlesly. Most importantly the customer service is A1 with Mr.Manan as he understands the clients needs, advise and provide reliable solutions. We also got 1 year warranty on the product and after sale service whenever required through whatsapp video for troubleshooting.Big shout out to Manan and his NKB team, definately recommend this product to other clients.ThanksAli
nitin kanchan
nitin kanchan
17:42 26 Mar 23
I had contacted Mr. Manan for a 5 Kva stabilizer for my audio equipment since I had a 3kva servo stabilizer . His stabilizer on the website was long in depth to fit in the designated space . He listened to my needs patiently and custom built one for me. The stabilzer came from Jaipur to Mumbai in an excellent wooden crate packaging outside the foam padded carton inside and reached safely.The stabilzer is very silent as compared to a servo after the initial beeping and thumping after powering it on. It shows the mains status, input voltage, corrected output voltage and connected load.He followed up even after a week to check if it is working fine. Mr. Manan’s service is excellent and will definitely recommend him. I will update this space after a year.
Pritesh Patil
Pritesh Patil
11:57 31 Dec 22
Provides good Service . Stabilizers are good,efficient,reliable. Customer support provide from NKBT is impressive .
Oscar Cheizoo
Oscar Cheizoo
12:41 24 Dec 22
For my recording studio, I was looking for a very good Voltage stabiliser. For a recording studio to run optimally, a constant voltage is very important. This I found in the 5KV NKB Static Voltage Stabiliser from NKB Technocrats. The personal assistance from Mr Manan (the owner) helped me tremendously and the great thing is that the personal contact does not end after delivery. Mr Manan keeps in touch even well after the delivery.The NKB Static Voltage Stabiliser is custom-made and does everything it promises very quietly and according to the specified specifications. I am very satisfied with the purchase of NKB static voltage stabiliser and will definitely recommend NKB to my colleagues. Everything top notch from enquiry to delivery.If you really need a great Stabiliser buy the one from NKB Technocrats.
Dwaipayan Sarkar
Dwaipayan Sarkar
10:00 12 Dec 22
Had a great experience purchasing a static voltage stabilizer. The owner is very polite and patiently addressed all my queries. Highly recommended as a business.Their SV range starts from 5KVA and up and hence are priced accordingly. I got the 5KVA model even though my requirement was for a much smaller load. I wish they built lower capacity models from 2KVA, which would be ideal for my needs and would also probably bring down the cost significantly.They do customise the operating range and tolerances based on one’s requirements and the pricing is influenced by operating range as well as capacity.As for the quality, the product is solidly built and quite heavy. Performs great (I checked the output voltage with multimeter and smart plug) and completely silent. It was also very well packed (in a crate) and chances of shipping damage is minimal.Overall, it was a pleasant experience buying the SVS from NKB and I’d highly recommend their product based on my personal experience.
Drishya Bhardwaj
Drishya Bhardwaj
03:56 01 Dec 22
I bought static voltage stabilizer from NKB Technocrats ,Before that I was using servo stabilizer but not good to handle high voltage and require regular maintenance.After using 6 month sharing my views on thisIt’s very effective to control voltage up and downsNoise lessNo dealy to supply the powerZero maintenance till now.Great after sales support.
Gj Rao
Gj Rao
08:39 08 Oct 22
The Company head Mr. Manan and his staff have been constantly in touch with me till I am fully satisfide acting on the feedback sincerely and promptly. Professionally and behaviourally, they are very good. I wish them all the best. Group Captain GJ Rao
01:27 19 Sep 22
Recently I bought a Static Voltage Stabilizer from NKB for my music system..It was after a research lasting for two months.I started with normal relay stabilizers , then Servo stabilizers, UPS etc..At the end I found this guy, Mr.Manan Rai and NKB Technocrats from one of the Hifi AV forum..I contacted him and communicated my needs..He suggested me a 2KVA stabilizer at a better rate..Since I’m from kerala and it takes a hectic transportation to my place.While getting the product it was damaged because of the irresponsible behaviour of the courier people..But I contacted Mr.Rai and he arranged a technitian to my door step within no time…It was a minor fault during the poor handling of the device during transportation.Mr Devendra senior engineer came to my place and fixed the problem easily..I would say these people are wonderful.Because they haf couriered all the probable parts which might be damaged to my address before the technitian came..I was surprised to see such a pro active service from them.They also helped me to after sale installation and wiring too.Mr Devendra is a person who even helped me to place it in the right place saving a lot of space.He clarified almost all queries I had regarding the operation and it was really easing for a middle class customer who is not too wealthy to try luck with an expensive electric gadgets ..It’s a lifetime purchase for me and i wanted it from a seller who can give lifetime service .I think I got the best people around here and now the relation is more than that of seller-buyer relationship. Now I’m neither worried about my sound system not about my stabilizer , since I feel I have good people around to help me..Thank you Mr Manan Rai and Mr Devendra Ji.And best of luck for your future…
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