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What is Static Voltage Stabilizer / Static Voltage Regulator?

It is a type of voltage stabilizer that does not use any mechanical motors or moving parts such as carbon arms and brushes for voltage correction. Static Stabilizer has a solid state arrangement that consists of high frequency IGBT units and Pulse Width Modulation control for voltage correction.

Static Voltage Stabilizer Working Principle

Static Voltage Stabilizer works on the closed feedback loop arrangement. Voltage regulation process is commanded and executed by a feedback control system using digital signal processor (DSP).

The input voltage is sensed by the DSP and corrections are made by varying the duty cycle of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The required voltage is boosted or bucked from the mains through high frequency IGBT units which operate at 20 KHz frequency.

Is Static Voltage Stabilizer noisy during operation and distorts the output waveform?

No. Because the voltage regulation is done electronically without any step changing, static stabilizer is absolutely silent even during severe voltage fluctuations and delivers pure sinewave output.

Can we use static voltage stabilizer for home?

Certainly! As a mainline voltage stabilizer it is an extremely cost effective solution to voltage fluctuation woes as no further individual stabilizers are needed to safeguard expensive home appliances.

What is Static Voltage Stabilizer Price in India?

Prices depend on the capacity and input voltage range required.

Static Voltage Stabilizer / Static Voltage Regulator uses

Because of its high precision, super quick regulation and inbuilt circuit protections, it is best suitable but not limited to:

  •  CNC machines
  •  VMC machines  
  •  PLC controlled machines
  •  Injection moulding machine (injection press)
  •  Elevators/lifts
  •  Medical Instruments  
  •  Analytical & Scientific Instruments
  • Calibrations Instruments

Why to use Static Voltage Stabilizer Instead of Other Automatic Voltage Regulators?

  • Capable of handling wide range of input voltage, thereby reducing DG operation during low/high input range
  • Reduced DG operation means, savings in fuel consumption (Study made at Northern Railway stations)
  • Improved quality of output voltage to equipments, tending to energy saving and lowering electricity bill
  • Since no mechanical or moving parts hence, negligible maintenance cost
  • Independent phase correction and capable to handle unbalanced 3-phase input without any trouble
  • Provides stable & balanced input voltage to enhance equipment’s operating life
  • Because of slow response time servo-motor based or tap-switching stabilizers are not suitable for sensitive load equipment having high speed solid-state devices and drives
  • High speed correction of Low/High voltage fluctuations
  • Static Stabilizer won’t pass voltage fluctuations to appliances
  • Surge protection for connected load
  • Cycle by cycle voltage regulation without interrupting the load current

Where can we buy Static Voltage Stabilizer?

You can reach out to us on sales@nkbtechnocratspltd.com or call on (+91) 9660061987.