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Voltage Stabilizer for Injection Moulding Machine

Humankind has evolved drastically by virtue of innovations and advancements in industrial manufacturing. Gone are the days when only metals could be used as raw material. Plastic is the go to option in present times. Supremely advanced injection moulding machine (injection press) is an integral and indispensable part of manufacturing units for products such as toys, plastic containers, plastic bottle caps and basically any unit that produces plastic goods. It is this injection press/moulding machine that moulds plastic with the help of an injection and clamping unit and delivers the finished product.

Voltage Stabilizer for injection moulding machine injection press is extremely necessary as these machines are quite susceptible to erratic voltage and power disturbances because of their sensitive components. Not only efficient, but an extremely quick responding voltage stabilizer is a must for protecting expensive injection press machines.
Because of its high precision, fast regulation and inbuilt circuit protections, Static Stabilizer is by far the best voltage stabilizer for injection moulding (injection press) machines. It boasts of high frequency IGBT with PWM control that provides smooth output voltage of 400V±1% or 415V±1%, for input voltage that varies between 340-460 V or 300-500V(customization possible).

Backed with it’s years of vast experience and extended network, NKB Technocrats Pvt Ltd is one of India’s leading manufacturer of Static Voltage Stabilizer.

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Benefits of Static Voltage Stabilizer

  • Super quick response time of 50 microseconds
  • Fast regulation speed of 2500 volt/sec (minimum)
  • Continuous supply of highly stable output voltage
  • Independent phase correction and capable to handle unbalanced 3-phase input without any trouble
  • Built in protections against: over / under voltage, phase reversal, single phasing, over load, over temperature & short circuit
  • Zero maintenance cost because of no mechanical or moving parts.
  • Completely noiseless operation
  • Lowest foot print (less space needed)
  • Compatible for all kinds of loads
  • >99.8% efficiency
  • Greatly improves power quality and reduces electricity consumption at site of installation
  • Highly effective for sensitive load equipment having high speed solid-state devices and drives

Why Static Voltage Stabilizer for Injection Moulding Machines?

Static voltage Stabilizer using IGBT and DSP by NKB Technocrats Pvt.Ltd is an AC to AC direct buck-boost Voltage Stabilizer. It is based on high frequency PWM driven IGBT. It measures the incoming AC Voltage against the nominal voltage and adds/subtracts the required difference using DSP, to achieve precisely regulated output voltage. This gives the SVS such tight regulation and fast correction speed, which is impossible to obtain using conventional methods such as servo voltage stabilizers, SCR/triac type stabilizers, relay type stabilizers etc. It offers absolutely silent operation and pure sinewave output (no waveform distortion).

Static Stabilizer is compatible with all loads as it does not switch any components in the power path. Maximum performance, reliability and life time is achieved by a design with no moving parts. Check out the study about static voltage stabilizer in a paper published by IJIRSET(An ISO 3297: 2007 Certified Organization).

Because of the robust technology & quick correction speed, it is the best voltage stabilizer for plastic manufacturing units which enhances the life of high end machinery & results in energy saving.

  ✪ Static Voltage Stabilizer vs Servo Stabilizer 

Static Stabilizer Vs Servo Stabilizer

What Makes Us The Best?

    • Our systems are 100% load efficient unlike 80% load efficient systems available elsewhere
    • Rather than aluminium, our systems are housed with pure copper buck boost transformers which are not only more reliable but also have significantly less losses and also improves power factor & reduces electricity consumption at site
    • Our systems are equipped with EMI & RFI filters that helps reduce the line harmonics hence improving power quality
    • We use active clamped switching and desaturation protection for IGBT units thus greatly reducing chances of failure
    • We use positive & negative drive enabled IGBT units to handle back EMF
    • Our control cards are equipped with latest dspIC microcontroller
    • Instead of relays, we use contactors at input & output for better protection and long life
Abraham Jose
Abraham Jose
16:49 23 Oct 23
Bought a 10KVA static stabilizer from NKB technocrats recently. The overall transaction experience was very pleasant and satisfactory.Ordered the item after a brief discussion with Mr. Manan Rai about the system and its performance.The item was delivered as promised thru Delhivery with out any serious damage to the system. After unpacking and plugging it in, the system worked perfectly as specified.I operate the stabilizer in a home environment and it works perfectly. Even though it is expensive compared to a servo stabilizer, it out performs a servo stabilizer in speed of response and efficiency.NKB is a good online seller that can be trusted with honest transactions. It delivered a professional looking stabilizer with promised specifications. At the customer service level, Mr. Manan Rai is an excellent person with good product knowledge and courteous interactions. I am happy to recommend this company to anybody who needs a stabilizer.read more
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh
06:26 27 Sep 23
I got a whole house 12kva 3phase static stabilizer from NKB for my builder floor in Gurgaon where I was facing constant voltage fluctuations (180-265v). Manan was very kind enough to explain all its features and benefits in a detailed manner. I took my time to ask a lot of technical questions, all were answered professionally.The timeline given was also on point. Delivery was seamless. Got it installed by my local electrician & any support regarding the same was provided by NKB. The unit is well packed in a powder coated frame with detailed display for each phase. Terminals are of good quality as expected.It’s been a month and so far, the voltages have been constant as promised across all phases. Post sale support and questions were also answered in a timely manner.Very satisfied with the whole experience. Highly recommend NKB for their product & service they offer.read more
Rajiv Kumar
Rajiv Kumar
06:40 03 Sep 23
I recently purchased the IGBT Static Voltage Stabilizer from Mr. Mannan at NKB Technocrats Pvt Ltd, and I must say it has exceeded all my expectations. This product deserves nothing less than a 5-star review!First and foremost, the technology behind this stabilizer is impressive. The use of high-frequency IGBT units and Pulse Width Modulation control ensures that it delivers a super smooth and highly stable output voltage, even under the most erratic voltage conditions. It’s a game-changer for industrial applications, and I use it to protect sensitive CNC machines, VMC machines, and PLC-controlled equipment. The precision and speed with which it regulates voltage are truly remarkable.One of the standout features of this Static Voltage Stabilizer is its noiseless operation. Unlike traditional stabilizers with moving parts that can be noisy and require maintenance, this unit operates silently and is maintenance-free. That’s a huge relief, knowing that I don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs.Furthermore, the inbuilt circuit protections provide an extra layer of security for my valuable equipment. It’s clear that this stabilizer has been designed with the utmost attention to detail and reliability in mind.NKB Technocrats Pvt Ltd has certainly earned its reputation as a trustworthy manufacturer. The product quality is impeccable, and the ethical business standards they uphold are commendable. I appreciate the dedication of their team members in ensuring exceptional customer experiences.Additionally, the pricing for this IGBT Static Voltage Stabilizer is competitive and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, which provides peace of mind for anyone considering this investment.In summary, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of the IGBT Static Voltage Stabilizer from NKB Technocrats Pvt Ltd. It has become an integral part of my industrial setup, providing reliable voltage stabilization and protecting my valuable machinery. I highly recommend this product to fellow industrialists and anyone in need of a top-notch voltage stabilizer.read more
Anurag Dixit
Anurag Dixit
04:20 26 Aug 23
Very good product
Pavan Singh
Pavan Singh
13:18 24 Aug 23
Five-star experience.I picked 30KVA 3-phase stabilizer to safeguard the entire home from voltage fluctuations.Pre-sales experience was great. Manan listened to all the issues I am facing with the electric supply at home and recommended a product based on the same. Ha d similar great experience during installation by providing continuous support. Manan has been following up regularly since installation, which is rare to find experience. It’s been nearly a month since the system is installed, with zero complaints. Will monitor and share more details in the future. The peace of mind it offers is worth every penny.read more
vishal pithadia
vishal pithadia
13:18 16 Aug 23
I must say the after sale support is excellent. I was supported without asking a single question. I recommend NKB to all who are looking for a very good product and exceptional customer support.
rangasamy h
rangasamy h
10:28 12 Aug 23
Excellent Product and Service! There were some initial hiccups due to some power condition in my site. Manan and team was very quick to find a solution and they resolved the issue. They are very Customer focused and always ready to support. Thank you Manan and Team!
Sayan Gupta
Sayan Gupta
11:46 07 Aug 23
Purchased 5KVA customised static stabilizer. Mr. Mannan is very helpful and has cleared all my doubts regarding the product. Stabilizer size can be slightly adjusted as per your requirements.I have connected this to sensitive audio equipment which includes amplifier, dac, tv, avr etc. Static stabilizer works much faster than servo stabilizers and is reasonably silent. Does not create any annoying noise.Highly recommended.read more
R C Purohit
R C Purohit
14:13 04 Jul 23
Timely delivery, perfect performance, easy to install.
Eapen Abraham
Eapen Abraham
10:16 26 Jun 23
I was quite happy looking at the performance specifications of NKB Technocrats’ 7.5 KVA static voltage stabilizer, because I was actually looking for such a unit for my home, where we have quite large variation in the input voltage.Mr. Manan Rai was kind enough to explain to me and allay any doubt that I had before I finally placed my order for one such unit.I received the static voltage stabilizer carefully packed in a wooden crate, delivered to my home.My electrician installed it without any problem on the 12th of June, 2023.Since then, it has been working well and delivering the output voltage exactly as specified.I am confident it will continue to work well in the months and years ahead without needing any intervention.I wish Mr. Manan Rai and his team a successful future.read more
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